Bellissimo specialise in Custom Bridles for our customers old and new. We can work around your requirements 100%. We offer custom made bridles from £99.99 and work with a 6-8 week turn around time. 

Choose your leather colour:
Black, Tobacco Brown, Australian Nut Brown or Dark Havana. 

 Build Your Bridle Options:


  1. Anatomical padded headpieces or standard traditional cut headpieces. 


  3. Choose from single row or mixed row diamanté Browbands:
    1.  Stellux crystals: Big single row of stones which come in many colours (made from using derivatives from Swarovski) browbands.

  4. 2.  Genuine Swarovski Crystal Browbands in endless colours.. these are a real favourite!


  6. Patent features: Patent is becoming popular and looks very smart on the right horse. We

  7. apply patent to our nosebands & browbands for a superb finish! All optional. 


  9. Noseband variations: Grackle, drop noseband, cavesson noseband, crank, flash, removable flash, ps of Sweden style, dy'on style etc.. 

  10. Padding on your bridle:
    Padded headpiece/browband/noseband is all possible.


  11. Bridle piping: can come in various colours to uplift your bridle. White is very popular shortly followed by green, blue, purple, yellow and red.

  12. Bridle Size: Mini, Pony, Cob, Full, X-Full. Our bridles are based on European sizes so come up bigger rather than smaller

  13. Leather Style: Flat or rolled leather. 

  14. Rein Options: Full rubber reins, half rubber reins, webbed reins, half grip leather notch reins. 

    We also produce matching neck straps and martingales for your bridle which look very smart indeed. 

    If you have any other requirements i.e a full blue leather bridle, stirrup leathers, a specific browband or anything not listed above, please get in touch.


      Custom dog collar & leads 

  1. Please CONTACT US to make a custom bridle order!